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I really like the store 'Just Fish". It is clean and all tanks and fish look great. I have bought fish and stuff there without any problems etc. Always a good experience.

I happen to go to the "Animal House" cause it was closer and bought a few fish there. Now I haven't had any Ick for two years. Within 2 days I had a bad case of ick and end up loosing 5 of the 8 fish that I bought from them. I went back to them 2 days later to see if they would work with me a little on the price for buying some ick medication and the man (the owner) said that he would only give me a 10% discount and that only if I could show them the receipt. Not only that but the owners wife remembered me and remembered selling the fish to me but her husband wasn't willing to work out a deal. I spent $50.00 dollars in there the day I bought the fish and had been in there maybe 6 or 7 times before. The guys wife recognized me buy this time and she was real nice and helpful. The day I went back in there, there were maybe 7 tanks labeled under doctors care due to ick.

I will not be going back to that store, for fish anyway.


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