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pulled the hydropiper. (sadly). but the belem really started to fill in. I noticed that after my last major trim I was having some bga issues. I don't think that I was doing enough water changes or maybe I trimmed too much. everything bounced back however at very different rates. I should maybe have planned my trimming a little more economically. The belem that I trimmed, a lot of it died off then new growth set in. also the bio film on top of the tank became really thick when I went a week without water changes. When I pushed my finger through it, it separated like shards of glass. really wild. anyway, just belem in the tank now. am moving soon so I'm just going to let it grow. I purchased a bubble counter to replace my diy syringe one. that seemed to develop leaks over time. here's what I snagged. it's pretty awesome.

here's the tank in its current state. Almost daily water changes now, using the hose to suck off any bga remnants. manual removal has proven to be way more effective than any h202 treatment. also did a major filter cleaning etc.

just belem, snails and rocks.

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