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thanks guys for the reply. but im starting to feel a little pressure from my praising of my drift wood. but ill have a pic posted ASAP!


thanks for answering all my questions. and about the "girlfriend" issue, im playing the "its something to do together" card. so far she seems interested. we stared at catalogues and books all night. kind of embarrassed to say but we actually watched the water in the tank.


you nailed my game plan. but doing more research and getting more inspiration, i decided to go even further with my original plan and have 2 levels in the tank. i purchased some rocks at lunch time and im planning to make a cliff appearance around the drift wood. fill in the background with more substrate and have the micro swords grow there and behind the micro swords have the taller grasses. on the lower level where the drift wood is, eventually have some glosso growing there. i think this will help give the tank more depth. my original thinking is to keep it simple (minimal variety of plants) yet using aqua-scaping to make it more interesting.

its been a week and already im addicted.

75gal Planted Tank
SUBSTRATE: 60lbs flourite, 50lbs red flint gravel
FILTRATION: (2) 400 emperor
LIGHTNING: (2) metal halides 175W 10k
CO2: pressurized
PLANTS: Sag, Crystal Val, Pigmy swords, Micro swords, Red & Scarlet Ludwigia, Queen sword, Stargrass, Ludwigia Palustris, Ludwigia Brevipes, Red Sunset Hygro, Bacopa, Pennywort, Crypt Wendtii Bronze, Glosso
FISH: 8 Tiger Barbs, 7 Otos, 1 Dwarf Bristlenose, 14 Varies Rainbows, 6 Rasbora, 3 Cory cats
INVERTS: 8 Amano & 10 ghost shrimps.
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