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After all this being said...

I still have gotten to stock my shrimp tanks.

Any chance UA picked up any new shrimp or fill an order?
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Originally Posted by PlantedTankRookie View Post
At least somebody replied. I was beginning to think I killed the thread

A good relationship with a shop is very valuable if you frequent shops. I'm not dedicated enough to the hobby to get to that level with any shop. My comments are from the point of view of a casual shopper. I won't go just to browse, I'll only go with the intent to purchase a specific item. That may change when I get my nano reef going

Without any established loyalty, the things I commented on become factors on which store I'll visit next time. I like the fact that Rich is a member of this forum, that counts for something. But the store in the opposite direction from me has more variety, a better layout, and nobody crashing into me on the way to feed fish. That counts for something too.

I'm certainly not trying to put anybody down. I was just providing honest feedback as a casual consumer.

I'm sure Drews comments are the same: free honest feedback for the owner of the store. Take it or leave it.
It was that dead silence that ultimately motivated me to give my own thoughts/experience's haha. Since i liquidated most of what i owned on here for free last summer i've become quite the casual shopper myself as i only have, can have a few small tanks i just don't have the tank space anymore to buy as much as i want to, and we have crap for options down here in the south shore.

We all have different experience's at different shops then each other. It's only natural thats going to happen. I never had many positive trips to tropical isle as far as getting help or someone to talk about what they have with, lovely pets has been 50/50, and if Steve the owner wasn't as nice as he was, and had such a positive upbeat attitude my visits there would dwindle. Ned is pretty cool, if you can get a chance to talk to him. Jay's i got a little tired of walking to the front end to grab him away from his buddy i think lives there haha. I just havn't personally had a bad experience with UA yet, and yeah i'm sure we all miss the skiptons location, and what it offered but unfortunately thats over.

I have no idea what store you go to, maybe i missed that part. Most of my life was spent in worcester county, and there wasn't really any options out there, maybe i just don't know of the place or its new :-?? I think the fact rich, and the aquaful guy talk on here is great. None of the other shop owners do that i'm aware of, and i like the fact rich is so deeply connected with BAS. He's one of us, he's very passionate about the hobby, and if you havn't had the chance visit him when he's actually working which is Saturdays, have a convo with him. He likes to talk :-)

I don't think you were intentionally putting him down, like i said we've all had our own experience's at various place's. I sure don't get any extra credit for what i say on here.

I'm not into the image, but into the hobby...
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Hi Rookie,
Thanks for the feedback, I do appreciate it.

Keeping in mind that I'm not the owner, I'm a part time employee - so I don't make top level decisions:

I've been in the retail side of the hobby for about 20 years now, and the club and internet side for almost as long. I've worked in big box stores, small regional chain stores, and small mom-and-pop stores.
In my first stores, the fish were there to drive dry good sales - back then there were no internet stores, and the profit margin on dry goods was excellent. Now I'm in a store where the livestock is the focus and the drygoods are considered convenience items for our livestock customers.
The business is constantly evolving.
Especially here in Mass, where we have a huge # of fish clubs in easy driving distance AND big box stores galore, small independent stores need to find their niche.
The clubs (and sites like this one) are not the competition - they're our partners. And its not about the short term sale (at least to me) -- its about building a relationship with a customer but more importantly - its about building the hobby.

(a few years ago, I read in FAMA that something like 80% of new aquarium keepers quit in less than one year - and I think thats because stores are looking for fast profits and customers are chasing low prices not knowledge)
anyway - back to my point - there have always been aquarists trading high quality livestock outside of retail channels - that's why the BAS is coming up on its 100 year anniversary. As a store, we need to find our niche, and looking around and at the space we had, it wasn't going to be Cichlids (Ned), and we wanted to avoid trying to compete with the big box stores.
When we were in Boston I had at least one customer a day who wanted to know why I didn't have 99 cent fish like Petco or Petsmart.
Instead we wanted to build a store where you could buy quality WILD cardinals (buy a fish save a tree - Piaba ), microrasboras, scarlet badis, licorice gouramis, etc, plus a variety of plants for low or high light tanks.

ok, back to your feedback...
Part of the plan was to sell plants online - when we were in our warehouse location, our website was a bigger part of the business plan, and I had the plant system setup so that our e-tail manager could easily pick and ship plants - thats part of why I have 4 plant tables setup even though we're really only using two at the moment. Our website is built around WYSIWYG coral sales and we'll be picking up online again once things warm up.

I'd like to bring in more shrimps - but with only twelve 15g tanks to play with I'm taking things slow - I really want those tanks running about a year before I try anything more delicate or expensive than crystal reds, especially since I'm only there 1 day a week. I've got a few leads on some sources of imported shrimps but for the most part, our typical wholesalers don't carry much beyond the vanilla shrimps.

again - TPT isn't a competitor, any more than BAS, TFSRI, NHAS, PVAS, and the AGA are. Its a place where people get together. No business, anywhere, can plan to compete with individuals selling things privately - those individuals don't have the overhead of licenses, insurance, payroll, taxes, etc (is anybody paying MA state sales tax on those sales ? )

We carry a few brands of rimless tanks, but like many small shops, we don't have space for large inventory. So brands that require a direct purchase of a pallet of tanks all at one aren't feasible -- we stick with the brands our wholesalers carry, knowing that if we order it by Sunday we'll have it by Wed without needing to store it and possibly break it.
Especially since we still have a storage unit full of stuff from when we moved that we just don't have space for.

Eventually we'll be carrying more higher priced fishes (locally bred apistos and rams for example) but nowhere near the prices of the saltwater fishes or corals. And you're right - having fish that other stores don't is key - that's that puts the Unique in UA - and that's a big focus for us.
I wish we could have more fw tanks -- we went from about fifty 15/20g tanks, eighteen 40g tanks, and twenty 75g tanks to a dozen 15g tanks. But that's a limit we're stuck with right now in this location.

I agree about the narrow aisles - I wish they were wider (I'm not exactly a small person) but that's part of trying to fit as much livestock as we can in a small footprint.

I do feed a little dry food - especially stix for the shrimps and plecos - when I first get in. But we also feed mostly frozen food, and the marine mix includes garlic and spirulina so we let it "meld" a little before feeding.
But so many of our fish need to be fed all day long - especially the pipefishes, seahorses, and anthias - that we're pretty much feeding somebody all day long.
That being said - nobody should be slam-banging thru the aisle while feeding.

so, all in all - thanks for the feedback, it's good to hear what people think. Some of what you suggested is already in the works, and all of it was listened to and appreciated.

Originally Posted by PlantedTankRookie View Post
Tough is right.
Merely suggestions, take them or leave them, it is only my perspective as a customer. There will be some local buyers who will try to keep the local shop going, but it usually isn't enough to keep going.
1. Plants can be bought from other forum members for less $$, more variety, and much greater convenience. The convenience is significant. Here are my two options: a) Drive 35 minutes to Tewksbury on a Saturday or Sunday to buy locally (which I did, once) b) sit on my couch and browse TPT, submit an order via paypal, and wait a few days for it to arrive. Option b has zero interference with the rest of my life. If you're going to sell plants, you better sell them online to supplement the local business.
2. FW shrimp buyers are usually trying to start their own colony, which translates into very little repeat business and the possibility of a local competitor (if the colony is successful) If you're going to sell FW shrimp, focus on the rarer higher priced varieties. Varieties we can't get from a dozen or more TPT members. You may have success with the cheaper shrimp during cold weather because of shipping problems, but once it warms up, and shipping becomes easy, there will be too many competitors.
3. Ditto on the snails. What would get me to drive to Tewksbury again? Colorful or horned nerite snails (reasonably priced). Something rare that you can't find all over TPT for low $.
4. TPT is your main competitor. Perhaps high volume and cheap prices can get you a piece of the pie (selling on TPT, not locally).
5. One more thing that may get me to drive to Tewksbury in the future: Nice competitively priced rimless tanks. Although, I can already get this from Aquaful and he is a bit closer to me. Others more local to Tewksbury may be interested though.

There just isn't enough margin in FW fauna/flora. Way too much volume is required to be profitable.
There are way too many competitors on TPT; hobbyists just trying to minimize their own out of pocket expense to the hobby. Too many FW flora/fauna can be raised without difficulty so many people have these to offer.

Basically, think about what make the salt water business successful: higher priced items (so more profit margin available), difficult to breed (so little availability from the average hobbyist), and massive variety (so you can have different live stock than the shop next door).
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Originally Posted by theurbantomato View Post
After all this being said...

I still have gotten to stock my shrimp tanks.

Any chance UA picked up any new shrimp or fill an order?
our next generation of sunkist orange shrimp are just about ready for sale, and I'm hoping to have a batch of my personal fire shrimp stock ready by Feb. We just got more amano shrimp in this week.

Also in stock this week - celestial pearl danios, rummynose tetras, scarlet badis, more ottos, and apisto macmasteri "blue"
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Originally Posted by redpaulhus View Post
our next generation of sunkist orange shrimp are just about ready for sale, and I'm hoping to have a batch of my personal fire shrimp stock ready by Feb. We just got more amano shrimp in this week.

Also in stock this week - celestial pearl danios, rummynose tetras, scarlet badis, more ottos, and apisto macmasteri "blue"
How long have you had the CPDs? and what size?
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They came in mid-week.
best ive ever seen from this wholesaler.
I'd call them young adult to adult. At least a few alpha males in there
not as cheap as I'd like but not the scrawny crap some wholesalers call cpd's
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Grabbed some of the cpds
But you were out of amano (when are they due in /)
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Any pictures of those Macmaseri?
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