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Are these real?
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Originally Posted by pixelcrayon
1. will there be a problem layering the eco-complete over the existing substrate?

2. will i need to run a co2 unit asap?

3. will i need to run a co2 unit if im planning to have only micro swords and other tall grasses?

4. will there be a problem if i put a couple of fishes in now, before the co2 unit is set up? (girlfriend wants to see fishes in the tank)

5. any other advice? or something i should look out for?
Welcome to the Planted Tank, where you quickly become familiar with LFS, SAE, MTS and BGA!

So you found a piece of driftwood, and now get a tank for it? :lol: That's a new one! Looking forward to the pictures.

1. Don't see a problem, the only thing could be that if you later on pull out plants, some of the other substrate(s) might come up and look a little... natural? weird? Not sure...

2. Yes. I would recommend that.

3. Ditto. High light = nutrients needed (CO2 is one of them). High light, nutrients, good for grassy plants :mrgreen:

4. You probably know all about cycling... if you have lots of plants in it, any "spikes" will be less pronounced, but it is still a good idea to add any fishies slowly.

5. Planted tanks can take a lot of your time. Hope your girlfriend will be alright with that...
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