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Well, I guess I will be the latest to jump into this Custom Aquatics deal...
After setting up my first attempt at a pressurized system, doing my best diy with the equipment available in my area, I have quickly moved to equipment which is specialized for aquarium use. The needle valve which I found at an auto parts store barely gave me the adjustment that is necessary. With some fiddling, I was able to get the rate to stabilize my ph at approx. 7.0, with the valve very, very close to completely shut. Within two days, my cylinder, which was at least half full, had drained to empty, thank goodness for the check valve! Still not sure where the leak came from, but I suspect the inexpensive needle valve. I had the regulator checked, so I know it was ok. My ph was adjusted about a point down from 8 to 7, so far, all my fish seem to be ok.
Do the necessary washers/gaskets come with the regulator, just in case I experience the problem mentioned in previous posts?

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