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Are these real?
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Originally Posted by nornicle
my *only* complaint is some yellowing of colour when using artificial lighting and no flash, it requires a bit of touch up work to correct the colour... but lots of cameras do this.. dunno why..
While your eyes adapt to all sorts of colors, your cameras LCD just records objectively what is there. Artificial -- incandescent -- light has a color temp of around 2700K, while regular sunlight hits at about 5500K, much more blue. Therefore the yellowish appearance of incandescents. That is how it really looked!
Automatic whitepoint adjustment can sometimes balance that out, but often it is overwhelmed by incandescent or fluorescent light colors. Your cam might have some kind of manual whitepoint adjustment, where you can set it to incandescent lighting, or even set the whitepoint with a white piece of paper or furniture or whatnot.
The only problem... I always forget to set it back, and the next day images look really cold :roll:
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