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In the third picture, it's Pleco damage. Random holes are usually Potassium butalong the middle of the leaf is from a Pleco. Sometimes giving them a good supply of other food stops that. Other times it don't and then you have a choice to make.
Either will do especially if you already have one kind. Either of them is expensive compared to dry ferts.
If you haven't had any growth in 10 weeks then you are missing something like ferts and/or enough light. Fish food and fish waste provides enough nutrients for a few plants but to get growth out of anything like several plants that won't be enough.
I'll give you a link that gives an easy to understand explanation of this.
DIY CO2 for the Newbie setup
An alternative would be root tabs. The ones in stores aren't much good as they are incomplete. There is one sold on here that is but it's tricky to use and must not be over done. But read the link and then get back/w the next question...LOL...

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