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Originally Posted by pantherspawn View Post
Assassin's don't take down nerites, none that I've seen anyways and I breed assassin's in a tank with nerites. Also, if the numbers of pond snails or ramshorn or whatever you have is large enough, your assassin's will breed just as prolific and soon have many numbers. I started with 3 assassin's in a 55. Have well over 500 within two years. And I don't even feed them snails anymore, they just eat the pellets I feed my cories. I have to remove them every few months just to keep their numbers down.

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Wow, that's a ton of Assassins. I think I have 50 or so random pond/rams snails. Not too many, but enough to serve a purpose.

I will remove the assassins once they do their job. They are not something I want to hang on to. I just want to experience them once. As for the Nerites, if the assassins don't eat them, I will get rid of them. They are too high of a bio-load. Not worth it to me.

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I think I am going to get rid of my ghost shrimp. They have been harassing one of my neon tetras who now has a tattered fin because of all the aggression from the ghost shrimp. The ghosts are swimming up the glass and bouncing off to nip at the tail of the same neon tetra over and over again. I think in a short amount of time, they will immobilize it and eat it. Not all the Ghosts are aggressive, just the ones that are over 1 inch in size. I think I will introduce them to my neighbors Oscar tank. They probably look like crickets to Oscars.

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