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Originally Posted by pantherspawn View Post
Assassin's will eat all of your snails unless they are nerites or Apple snails. Dwarf Gourami only reach about 3 or 4 inches at most. Rcs don't always do well with ghost shrimp. Ghost shrimp can and will kill them. Harlequin Raspboras will reach 2 inches each and are great fish, though they aren't really a top of the tank fish, more mid to top just like the neon. If you like Raspboras you may also look into pearl danio or celestials. They are great schoolers, change colors and are very active towards the top of the tank.

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Pearl Danios are interesting. As for the Assassins, the whole point of me welcoming snails into my tank was to let the assassins have a field day. I think If I add three assassins they may be able to take out my medium sized Nerites. If the ghost shrimp kill the RCS, I will be okay with that. I think adding the Amano along with the RCS may have a neutralizing affect or maybe not. It may be anarchy, but it's okay as long as I have a front row seat. If my RCS die off, I will try adding a larger population and see if they can win with ant like numbers. I will definitely check out some Danio's. Just watched a few videos, and I really like them.

Once I have my stock finished for this tank, I'm going to get a 40B. This stuff is addictive.
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