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Originally Posted by pantherspawn View Post
I would do a centerpiece fish.. Something like a dwarf or pearl Guarami. They generally stay closer to the surface. I also think that might be a bit heavy on the ghost shrimp. For one they can turn sort of aggressive and actually take down smaller fish. IMO, a centerpiece fish adds so much to a tank when you have smaller schoolers throughout.

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I don't really have a want for a larger fish. If the fish isn't flushable, I don't want it. 6 Corys, 10 Neons, and maybe 6 of a top swimmer, and I think I'm done with fish. The rest will be bottom dwelling inverts.

I would like to add 5 amano shrimp and 10 RCS just to see how the mixed shrimp species get along (Survival of the fittest). My snail population is finally rising, so I will be adding a few assassin snails soon. So far my favorite thing in my tank is the ghost shrimp. They are so active. I actually saw one ride a cory cat like a bronco, but I admit it may have been accidental.

I am leaning towards Rasboras since they are nice looking, they are small, and fairly hardy in a well maintained tank. Price is right also. Hatchetfish are a no, since I like my tank open on top.

thanks for all the recommendations!
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