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soft water, even before going through softner?

First of all, sorry if this is the wrong forum, but I'm assuming it has to do with water parameters.
OK, so I just got my API kh/gh test kit today, and was able to test my water.
The kh seems fine, as it took 4 drops to change color, so I'm at 71.6 ppm.
What surprised me was the gh, which is supposed to change from orange to green, but the very first drop comes out green.
So, according to the chart, that is 17.9 ppm.
Now I was surprised because I thought my softner didn't work all that good.
Then I looked in my basement, and found a spigot before the water softner.
Took some water from there, and got the same results!
Can my water really be that soft?
I don't get that slimy feeling people say they get with softwater.
In any case, would adding crushed coral be good for my plants?
I'm also thinking of adding angelfish later on, would the crushed coral be bad for them?

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