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How would green or royal blue in the mix look?
The blend you did below looks like it will be a warmer light which is awesome. It's like a Dutch/Amazon/Show tank style? I do still like the output of 7-8K, I have an ADA Aquasky and a Solar 2 (x2 36W pc)- I do enjoy the crisper light, its not washed out, but I wouldn't mind trying a warmer light for a different look. Just my 2 pennies.

ps I just got my 24" Ray Planted + today. I really like it! Its obviously not as bright as the Solar 2, but its still great! The plants pearled after an hour w/ Co2! Probably will be able to control algae a bit better without the higher light of the S2 and my next month's electric bill will start being nicer to me! For awhile, I'm going to switch between the two and compare.

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The strongest fixture we're probably going to go with a blend of 4000k, 6500k, Amber, and true 660nm red LEDs. I'll post pics on a tank once I have it available. Suggestions?


, & ADA Mini M.

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