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You may want to order that 3rd bag now Tim if you think its close allready.
Over the next months you will see it settle into your flourite and you will also lose some do to inadvertant suction from a waterchange. I find myself adding a cup of sand here and there. Its nice to have on hand.

I figured it would be tuff stuff to work with , it looks like there is a lot of fine dust in it but I guess that is to be expected with such fine sand.
Your bottomfeeders will love the sandy bottom, my Cory blows sand through his gills like a vaccum... its awesome to watch him feed now.
Aint that Moon Sand sweet bro ?!?
It glistens in the bag...however its still sitting in the bag at my house, but its only a matter of days now.

Its funny you should mention that shipping story... I have been on the phone today with Fedex and Drsfostersmith... what you described is the exact same way my order started... They split my order too...I got Moon Sand in 4 days, then 1 bag of substrate 2 days later, then NOTHING ! My order date was Feb 5th !
They are shipping me my other 2 bags of substrate today to replace the ones that FedEx Lost !! :sad:
I guess I am jinxed when it comes to shipping !
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