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Are these real?
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Heh. Just spent $35 on this thing.

Couple of interesting points:

* Independent program for each valve
* Watering Duration: from 1 minute to 11 hours and 59 minutes in 1 minute increments
* Four start times per day on weekly schedule
* Automatic short detector isolates the faulty valve and continues the irrigation cycle
* Start time stacking prevents hydraulic overload
* Water budget from 95% to +95% in 5% increments
* Three modes: automatic, semi-automatic and manual
* Can operate two valves at the same time
* Waiting mode for third and fourth valves
* Manual irrigation cycle via the controller
* Battery backup retain program memory during a power outage

So I was wrong about not being able to run two things at the same time. And one minute to 12 hours in one minute steps for six different stations is pretty darn flexible.

Oh yeah, and since this is an irrigation timer, turning the water change solenoid on and off shouldn't be much of an issue either.
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