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Aquarium timer using Irrigation computer

Not sure if anyone has ever attempted this... Most of us use several timers for our tanks. I usually have one for main lights, one for dimmer sunrise/sunset lights, one for moonlights, and one or two for fertilizer dosing.

So I thought, why not use one of the irrigation timers with multiple stations/zones?

I could imagine a daily "6 Zone" program like this:

9:59 Dose macros
10:00 Turn on sunrise lights
10:30 Turn on main lights/CO2
21:00 Turn on sunset lights
22:00 Turn on moonlights
0:00 Dose micros

There are a couple of issues... like the 24V output which would require relays to switch line voltage. I could imagine modding a power strip...

Another issue (or fact) is that you can run only one zone at a time. That means, if you have two seperate banks of light, they would not run simultaneously, only one after another.

Also, the simplest timers only allow for up to 90 or 120 minutes run time. Better ones allow for 4 hours, with stackable programs (ABC) which would let that extend up to 12 hours. Not sure if there would be a little off/on cycle when the next program kicks in. And not sure how much "better" timers run these days.s

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