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I went to New World Aquarium for the first time today. I was pleasantly surprised but not blown away. It was clean and well maintained with several large tanks full of plants. What was odd to me is that they're using the plant tanks to store large discus and cichlids. There was a 6 inch cichlid with what appeared to be hole-in-head disease in one of the plant tanks. No way would I buy something out of that tank. Note: The plants are expensive, especially the bunch plants. Even so, this store is worth visiting if you work or live in Manhattan. Since I was on a hunt for carpet plants, Ill add that they had HM & HC but no glosso. Edit: I suspect that they got a plant delivery today, cause the tanks were full to the brim, which contradicts what peopel said in previous reviews.

I also went to Pacific Aquarium on Delancy Street. The place smells like fish (in a bad way) and needs a renovation. The plant tanks were a mess. I will say this tho--I saw no dead fish, and no signs of disease. I probably won't go back, as their plant selection was nothing to write home about... although Win Aquarium is right around the block, with their great $1.50 amano shrimp.... On a customer service note, I walked in the store 40 minutes before their closing time (they close at 7:30pm), and 5-10 minutes later an employee comes back to tell me that I have 10 more minutes to shop. Well, I left.
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