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Originally Posted by davercomeau View Post
Every time I go to Tropical Isle to buy fish (that is after I get done watching the reef tank at the entrance for 15 minutes) I am baffled by the lack of employees. There is always one poor dude running around like a mad man with 3 to 6 customers following him opening to be the first to say "I need some fish." Because of the unavailability of employees my questions are left unsaid and fish are left not purchased. They have a great saltwater selection, a good freshwater selection, and a decent plant selection. However, I find some of their nicest fish to be in the display tank and not for sale.
We have the same type of store here in Fort Myers, but the employees, though a bit overworked and in a very cramped store, still try to give the best cust service they can except for ignoring people, which is obviously going to happen when 5 people are following one guy around. I've left before due to that and the lack of space to move around once there are more than 5 customers and their brother in the store, but when it comes down to it, the staff tries to keep a good attitude. Imagine a guy plopping down on a turned up bucket, taking a deep breath, then peering up and asking in a winded voice, "anything I can help you with?", as if he just climbed a mountain, lol.

Hopefully this place you speak of isn't family owned, in that case you guys should shoot them this link so they can make the proper changes, ie hire and fire appropriately. If it's family owned than you'll probably get more attitude in return.

i don't live in New Eng, but I visit often as my fiance is from there and her fam is in Watertown. I'll be sure to visit these places when I'm back up.
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