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I got some ammonia a few days ago. Because of the nerites I couldn't cycle the filter in the planted tank. So, I dug out my last 10 gallon, filled it up, put the heater and the filter in it, and dosed it up to 4ppm. After a day I still had plenty of ammonia but had a high nitrite reading. The next day ammonia was low enough that I added some more. Yesterday I did a test and found that I had no ammonia and very little nitrite. So, I dosed it back to 4ppm again and waited 24 hours. This time, I got no ammonia and no nitrite. Excited, I put the heater and filter back in the planted tank and fished the fish out of the quarantine tank. They are no in their real home and are swimming happily.

I'll get some pictures up tomorrow. I hope any change of ick is gone now that 10 days have passed but in time I'll find out for sure, I guess.

On a side note, my 55 gallon tank has worms. I think it's because I haven't been vacuuming the gravel. So, I got a gravel vacuum and vacuumed 1/3 of the gravel in the tank. The water that I took out looked like swamp water. Nasty. Hopefully I can get rid of those nasty little worms.

Good night, good afternoon, good morning, or good day to all.

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