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Originally Posted by ccattie View Post

Where do you go for supplies as far as LFS? I remember Fishman being much better, but it seems that they've cutback on supplies since I was last there. I still try and go there to give them the business. I think I am going to check out AquariumCenter in Clementon, NJ this weekend. I also plan to check out eastcoastaquatics in Prospect Park, PA.

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I like a couple of stores. Petsmart and Greenbank aquarium. I have also bought from the Fishman. Another really nice store just opened in Newark called Premium Aquatics. But I think the best store anywhere near us is That Pet Place. You can't beat their prices locally and they are really large (like BJ's). The only thing is that they are about 1 to 1 1/2 hours away in Lancaster, PA.

If you have never been there you have to check it out. Plan a day trip to Lancaster. They have a large fish room that also includes a room dedicated to freshwater plants.



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