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Complexity Journal: 2.5g nano / Torn down for now.

Okay, I'll give this journaling idea a try. I'll start with my smallest tank, a 2.5 gallon nano that I set up for fun to house some guppy fry.

Current view as of 02/13/2008:

This poor tank is basically a breeding ground for algae at the moment, but considering how it got put together, it doesn't surprise me at all. I'm about to tear it all down and re-do it, substrate and all. I'd like some help with the design and in making it into a real planted nano tank.

Filter: Red Sea Nano. Tank began with no filter, just an air hose. Eventually got an air stone! Then, about two weeks later, I finally got the filter.

Substrate: A mix of black sand and some gray stuff from Seachem that had "onyx sand" on the bag, but it's not actual onyx sand. I finally had to ship in a bag of real onyx sand which is what I'll be switching to now.

Light: Currently has a 27w fluorescent "full spectrum" desk light. I had an aqualight on it, but it was far too hot and there was no way to mount it above the tank. The plants are growing well with the desk light as is the algae.

Plants: Bacopa (growing well, need to trim it down, Vals (being removed so I can use excel), Banana Plants (doing their thing, have put down roots), Micro Sword (doing okay, but could do better).

I bought a small "red melon sword" plant last night (I know it'll outgrow the tank; it'll get moved to the 75g later). I also got some kind of crypt, but can't remember the name now. Tall and thin. I can also move some of my crypt wendtii from my 20L to this tank. I have some small Java Fern and plenty of Java Moss I could add, as well.

Decor: I stuck a piece of wood in it. Real design work! I have lots more small driftwood; plus, lots of river rocks in all sizes from pebbles on up. So I have a lot of decor I could add if I only had a design sense.

Ferts: You mean I'm supposed to fertilize the plants? No ferts so far, but I intend to use the Flourish stuff I already bought.

Animals: Guppy/Endler mix/hybrid fry that's growing like crazy. Later, I may use this tank for some microrasporas and shrimp.

Here are my shameful pictures of the poor tank. I knew I'd get algae like this, but I also knew I'd be changing the entire tank once I finally got everything in that I wanted.
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