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The tanks community hasn't grown much. Last added was a chocolate BN.

as of now the list looks like this:
1-GBR male
4-Bolivian (males I think)
4-Phantom tetras all males (looking to get a dozen females)
4-peppered corys
2-bronze corys
12-14- cherry barbs (2 males 12 females)

As for the stem growth, it's been a trim and replant thing. I only have basically 2 stem types in there and both are easy to work with. I wish my cabomba would have done better as it made a good contrast with leaf shapes. The S.Repens has done exceptionally well, as has the A.Reineckii. My crypta are spreading slow but steady.

125g makeover ,2x75g, 55g, 40g breeder, 29g, 2x10g, 100g stock pond..........MTS ? Nahhhhhh Just acquired a 150g tall and a 30g long
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