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There is always an outstanding selection fish. The club is dominated by lots of experienced breeders but interest in plants is increasing and many of the member have grown and propagated plants (and not just the common, easy ones vegetatively) but from seeds. The quantity of plants was up and I was pleased to see more diversity, although I did not help much there. I donated nice clumps of well-fed common varieties to the club rather than putting them in the landfill after my weekly cropping: rotala rotundifolia, bacopa caroliniana, pogostomen stellata, hygrophila corymbosa v angustifolia, lysimachia nummularia and some phyllanthus fluitans (and yes, I really do like that one). Although very ordinary they were a prize for price paid by those patient enough to wait until the end of the day. Plus, most folks should be able to keep them growing to some extent. Fortunately, we also had some donations from an aquatic nursery. The red nesaea looked nice but a little tired from the trip, however. I would have gotten some but I've got too dang many stem plants and I've been concentrating of getting an easier to keep foundation of slow growing plants that don't need a bunch of light: anubias, crypts, vesicularia, etc. I did buy a nice piece of anubias hastifolia and clump of subwassertang because it was so odd looking. We'll see how long I'll manage with that! Fortunately, a couple of my friends gave me some bobitus, crypts and marsilea minuta, which I'll put to good use. It always pays in the long run to give plants away as a gift.

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