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My lighting is just a regular tank hood with a 10watt bulb, I believe, and a 12 watt. I'm not sure if that is the correct watts or not, but it's around that.

I am not dosing any ferts. I'm not doing anything with the tank right now besides feeding the snails peices of potatoes and sinking algea bites. I'm honestly surprised the Telathera Cardinalis has done so well. I was prepared to buy liquid ferts, as I've heard that red plants need high light, but it's been growing well, slowly but well. The bacopa is growing faster than the TelC, but there's no surprise in that. It's even keeping it's red color fairly well, which I'm surprised with as well. I can't wait to move my fish back into the tank. But, I want to have it all cycled before I do that and I just can't seem to get anyone to buy me ammonia... I keep asking but my mom's always complaing about icy roads and the fact that Ace is on the other side of the city from us... Oh well, I'll just have to keep waiting.

Because I actually have something that living in this tank that I have spent money on, I'm going to start up 25% water changes a week again.

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