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Ah, I'm so very happy! Today is a good day.

Well, I was excited. I was finally going to PetSmart to buy the ghost shrimp I've been wanting. As I walked into the store, I remember thinking I'd acept Otos as well, if they didn't have any ghost shrimp.

But, the real thing I was wanting was Nerite Snails. Now, for those of you who might be reading this and not know what the little snails are, they are snails that are said to eat diatoms (brown algae) and Green Spot Algae! My tank has had a major case of GSA, but not too bad, and a minor case of diatoms. My pond snails are refusing to eat either of them. After searching and reading that Nerites eat GSA, I wanted some. I looked around, check PetSmart's website. Lo and behold, they had some, at least on the site they did. I took my time getting to the store, and by the time I did, the nerites were taken off the web site.

Disapointed, I began looking at place to buy them off the internet. The price for those things was outrageous! 5 dollars a snail? No. I gave up on them.

Well, today I walked in with my heart set on shrimp or otos. I met up with a friend that had been at the store as well, and then I began my search for ghost shrimp. I made my way down the tanks, looking inside each tank for any ghost shrimp. I didn't see any. So, I began reading the tags. As I made my way back toward where I had started, my friend found the tank the shirmp were meant to be in. Nothing except fish. I was dissapointed but not ready to give up. I wandered around for a while, admiring the Rubber Nose Plecos and other fish before I found the oto's tank. Nothing but neons, and very stressed neons at that.

At that point, I'd all but given up. I took one last sweep at the tank, with a gasp of shock, I crouched down next to the sign that read "Assorted Nerites" I looked all over the glass but all I could find were pond snails and... whatever those spiral snails are called. As far as I could tell, there was none.

Then, as I scorwerd the gravel, I saw a different looking snail. It was larger than the ponds and didn't have that point at the very end of their shell. No, it looked, almost, like a mini apple snail!

Excited, I wandered up and down the tanks, trying to find an employee that was not busy explaining to a customer that they could not return a fish without the reciept. I kept going back to the tank and searching for my tiny snail again. Finally, one employee stopped and asked if we needed anything.

I said yes, I wanted a couple snails. She asked what kind and I told her "Nerite." She had never heard of them before. As far as she knew, they only had mystery snails. I took her to the tank, pointed at the sign, and then croched down to find my snail. I pointed it out to her. Unsure, she reached in and picked it up. Not wanting to sell me a pond snail, she wandered off to ask someone that had been working in the fish department longer than she had. She came back and told me it was, indeed, a Nerite. A small one, but a Nerite.

While she was gone, I was searching for another. I found one and asked her to get that to.

So, long story short, I went to petsmart for a shrimp or an oto, and came home with a pair of Nerites. Today was a good day. Let's all just hope that they survive!

Oh, and anyone know how to breed them? Like, setting up the salt water tank (from what I've read, they should have full salt for the best success.) I'd love to have some for my 55 gallon, but they don't come free!

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