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Spazzin53, Thanks for your kind words about TFW. I am the Sunday manager there. I wanted to let everyone know that we will be having a sale February 16-18th. On the 16th, Freshwater fish/plants will be 30% off, Salt will be 10% off. The 17th its 40% on Fresh/ 20% on Salt. The 18th (last day of the sale), freshwater is 50% off. Saltwater is 30% off.

I placed the plant order as well as an order from Tony Orso (apistos, pelvicachromis, rare tetras, barbs and rasbora). Plants will be in late this Friday. Fish will be in late this Wednesday. Though I ordered about 20 different types of plants, Crypts will be the main highlight. I have about half a dozen different types of crypts coming in. All are xtra large in size.

By the way... we offer 10% off all live goods to any aquarium club members. This includes members of the website Monster Fish Keepers. I will extend the same offer to members of, but can only do so when I am working (Sundays). Obviously this discount would not be valid during sales. I hope to see many of you next week! -AndrewTFW
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