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Originally Posted by wendyv
Hi d2hpeter; your name is probably peter I presume:-), how big is your tank that you added the two canisters system to? I was just wondering if you added the two canisters to the one ladder and had them going at the same time if you would get more bubbles using the two going at the same rate as the one? Just a curiosity. Sounds like a smart idea though to have them going at different replenishment rates.
mine is a 2ft tank.
by the law of conservation :idea: the flowrate should increase, though not necessarily doubled. The main objective is to "smooth" the fluctuation in the co2 flow. There would be a period of zero flow following replenishment if only one canister is used.
But of course, one could really boost up the flow by connecting more canisters or have a bigger capacity reactor. The issue is how to balance flowrate and the degree of fluctuation, i think.
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