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The seemingly obvious answer here is that the 2x96 watts would be better. It is easier, but here are some things to think about....

The first setup (the one with the 55 watts) provides less light, but by no means low light. In fact, the 3 wpg would be pleny to grow most plants except for the most demanding.. You would need to provide pressurized CO2 to make use of most of you light...

The second setup provides 8 watts short of 4 watts per gallon. This is a lot of light, and could grow most all plants, with very few exceptions. The only problem with this setup is that it might be more than what you want. This tank would definitely need pressurized CO2 (as would the other setup) and lots of ferts etc... It would be more difficuilt to manage this tank in my opinion, but more convenient to set up.


Tank in transition! 55 gallons, hard water.
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