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The tank took a beating when I moved to a new apartment closer to my office. I thought I could just lower the water level halfway, but that resulted in swaying waves in the tank during the car ride to the new place. The driftwood dislodged from the substrate and started smacking against the sides of the tank, but as I was the only person in the car, there wasnt much I could do except try to drive a little slower...

All the fish and the two shrimp made it, though one very large MTS was crushed. The big ones are green inside, if anyone was curious.

I was seeing good growth before the move, so I'm a little disenheartened right now. Everything is back how it was, for the most part. Vals are growing, and most of the Guppy Grass ended up in the trash.

But now I can begin my plans for a new tank, now that I've got my new place. Something that's not an eclipse and not a hex and not acrylic. I've already decided to convert this tank to a shrimp tank once I have my next one set up.
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