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Originally Posted by James From Cali View Post
Post pics when it is set up. That sounds like it would be definitely a nice tank. Especially how you described it. What are your methods of doing blackwater? Natural or Chemical? What plants will be in this setup?
The plan is a substrate of light peat, laterite and several inches of red turface. I've got a pile of manzanita driftwood for decoration, and the plants will be corkscrew vals, a stargrass, a sword of some variety and maybe now a cabomba carolina - these are the 4 varietals that mongabay identified in an SA blackwater stream. I'm going to initially try Tetra's Blackwater Extract for color and some minor water additives, and see how that does.

Fish will be 2 bolivian rams, an angel, a school of tetras and 3 oto cats.
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