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Originally Posted by SheriffBooth View Post
Anyone tried cabomba carolina or cabomba pulcherrima in a tank under 2wpg?

In the SA blackwater I'm trying to put together, it's going to be val's in the background and then a sword plant of some flavor and a stargrass. Cabomba is the 4th plant genus that mongabay suggests.

Also, anyone know a good lowlight groundcover that's south american?
Combomba should be fine, just avoid puting it near the outflow of the filter. They tend to fall apart with too much movement. Im not sure on ground covers but a snad foreground would make an interesting aspect to the tank and make it more natural. Im in the midst of adding a sand foreground(1 more 1.99 bag to go) and the tank will be all natural.

Originally Posted by herosipet View Post
Verry nice listing This would really help me and a lot of newbies.
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