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Originally Posted by alpo430 View Post
hi. i have this regulator.

i did the soapy water test. no leak visible.

when i first got my 1 liter ista tank. it reads 1000 psi. and the low pressure guage at 50psi. when the solenoid valve opens it goes down to 16-25psi. but after two weeks. the high pressure gauge is still at 1000psi but the low pressure gauge goes down to nearly zero. the bubble output is staggered. not the usual constant bubble count. it will release many bubbl at once then stop. then release again and stop.

what seem to cause this? i tried step one. after the solenoid closes the HP gauge stays at 1000 psi but the low pressure gauge goes up to 50 psi.

my problem is that when the solenoid open the pressure at LP gauge drops until nearly zero but the JP gauge is still 1000psi.

pls help

this leak check is not going to work on your regulator.
anyway, the picture shows how your paintball regulator work. it is similar to a single stage pressure regulator, but without diaphragm, and yes, the spring would keep it at 50 psi output, but without a diaphragm, the friction on the piston will cause problem which is what you are experiencing at the moment.
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