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Mike's 45 gallon tank journal

So this is a new journal for my 45 gallon long tank (48"x12"x19"), I'll bring everyone up to date about my tank...

I first had it set up as a planted tank, was only a couple months into it...

Then I decided to turn into a saltwater setup, was only saltwater for 2 months.

Now I want to go back to planted again, for health reasons because I have Multiple Sclerosis so anything that helps me to relieve any kind of stress helps me to avoid any sort of relapse. So here I go back into the world of planted tanks....

Filtration - Odyssea CFS-500 Canister Filter

Heating - 300w Hydor Theo submersible heater

Substrate - 30lbs Flourite Plant Substrate/20lbs FloraMax/9l ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia (I've found that this mix of substrate works very well)

Lighting - 48" Odyssea T5HO Quad 4x54w with digital timer
(1 - 6,500k day bulb, 1 - 12,000k white/actinic bulb, 1 - 3,000k bulb, 1 - Power Chrome Aqua Flora bulb)

Lighting regime will be...

9:30am on come the 6,500k & 3,000k bulbs

11:30am on come the 12,000k & Aqua Flora bulbs

2pm the 6,500k & 3,000k bulbs turn off

4:30pm the 12,000k & Aqua Flora turn off

Co2 will be a diy 2ltr system w/ regular glass difuser for a couple months then I'll switch over to an injection system which will be connected via a Rex Griggs inline reactor.

Here's a little peak of what will be used in the aquascaping of the tank!!!!

more to come as time progress'!!!

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