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Originally Posted by MamaJu View Post
Thank you for all the links and information on dutch style aquariums. I am a "square foot" gardener and the dutch style really appealed to me. I'm a newbie and feel that I have lots to learn. I really wanted to try the dutch style but was having a difficult time finding information.

I have challenged myself to working through this dutch aquascape and am open to any constructive feedback and guidance.

Week 1:
I am still in the process of planting but here is my attempt at the traditional dutch style with modifications...
1) it's a 75 gallon, not a 90
2) I can't afford the cabinet so it is what it is
3) I am in the process of figuring out how to make a java fern or moss wall. Where do you get the foam board backing for the back wall??
4) If there is supposed to be 1 plant per 10 cm width and my tank is 48 inches or approximately 121.92 cm wide, I think I'm supposed to only have 12 to 14 stem varieties of plants, right? Does that include the plants I use as "streets"?
5) I need help with lighting. I have the zoomed aqua sun ho led but I don't really feel that it's sufficient. I tried to read the many threads on the forum but feel overwhelmed. Any suggestions?
6) so I tried to follow the focal point guideline... Hopefully it's noticeable I drew lines all over the front of the aquarium trying to get the 1/3 measurements just right so if it's not apparent as they grow in then I will need to make some adjustments.
7) some of the plants are from existing tanks I have, others are from my lfs and some from the big chain pet stores. Unfortunately I don't know all the names of the plants so I don't know the growth rates. Only time will tell. I suspect that the plant with the purple flowering buds isn't even aquatic, even though it was sold that way at the chain pet store. I'll need help identifying it. Are there aquatic plants that flower underwater? I'll be ecstatic if there are

So who else is up for the dutch challenge
No red plants?
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