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GB, I'm curious about your duckweed iron indicator. Is this something you developed yourself, or can you reference further discussion on the idea? Also, won't duckweed pretty much proliferate all across the water surface and cut down light transmission? Lastly, I believe duckweed can be very invasive in temperate waters, so please warn other aquarists to be careful not to contaminate their local waters.


Originally Posted by ghettobanana
Is it black/brown or green? You need to buy some duckweed and dose (Iron) based on this. If it turns brown add a little more iron during dosages. Anyways you need a Nitrate and Phosphate kit. If you are using CO2 you need to know your kH and pH. Tell me how much light you have, how long it stays on, what you dose your plants with, how often you dose them and how much water you change and when you do it. What type of fish and how many plants you have in your tank and the names if you know them?

29 gal planted tank, 30" FW Aqualights w/ 1x 65W 6700K CF & 1x 55W 9325K CF, 20-lb CO2 w/ Milwaukee SMS122 controller, reverse-flow UGF (bah!), gravel substrate (also bah!), 4 Praecox, 3 Ottocats, 1 SAE, 1 Bristlenose cat, 2-3 C. japonica, 5 Red Cherry Shrimp, & too many detestable pond snails!!!
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