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Originally Posted by DogFish View Post
ua hua - DEAL!

I've been doing a lot of variations on the same tank, getting into a safe rut. So maybe time is right to accept a new challenge in this hobby.

I've recently pulled a lot of crypts out of my 40 and replaced them with S. repens. A bit of a test to see how they will respond to my PAR38 Led pendents, MTS, Non CO2 tank. If that goes well, next would be to figure out how to work some of my existing java fern in(if Java fern is acceptable)

Also need to locate the Old school Dutch rules. That would be what I'd go for the retro 60's/70's Dutch style tank. Groovey!!
Here's a good thread from UKAPS that will give you the basics to the Dutch style.

and this:

go down and check out the ebay guide that is linked since I can't link to it on here

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