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Well, I assume that today is the last day that my amanos will be eating algae. While feeding my fish, both amano shrimp swam to the surface and stole flake food. And in case you're wondering, they grabbed red "meat" flakes, dropped them, and went back for the green "spirulina" flakes. So they definitely have a preference.

Oh well!

On another note, I ended up letting the Najas grass float. I got two new runners on my Vallisneria, with two new baby plants so far, which I'm pleased about. Since every runner produces about five new plants in my experience, I really do appreciate every bud. It's funny how Vals are the only thing I have grown with 100% success so far. I can't wait to get a tank with more floor area and higher light to try new things.

Oh, and I found a pond snail in my tank today. Just one. I do really want to try some red ramshorns. Some really nice, really crystalline red ones. If anyone has some, or knows where to get really great ones, please do let me know.
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