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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
Does any one have experance with the lily both Nymphaea pubescens and Nymphaea zenkeri. i'm considering putting one of a ten gallon tank but want to ow if that too small of a tank for it
All lotus's can outgrow a 10g tank. But in low light it takes time for the plant to outgrow(I have 2 plants plus the bulb). It does take the time to grow though so it can be a nice midground plant in a 10g.

Originally Posted by SheriffBooth View Post
Awesome resource, James. Can you suggest a good link to cross-reference these suggestions if we're trying to set up a South American or African habitat tank?
Here is a link to Monga Bay Biotope pages:

I too try and match things up more closely to habitats. It may be difficult to start so always go by certain regions and then narrow it down by availability and then cross reference.

Happy Plantings ya'll.
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