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As well as the rummynose ,pristellas and glolites.Hmmmm just the Harlequins cant seem to cope. I doubt very much if Amano has better water or lab testing equipement than me.I work in a state of the art lab with equipment that tests down to parts per billion .(Ive been an Analytical Chemist for 22years) I should be getting some digital pics of this little heavily planted tank tonite and I will try and post it. I havent cleaned the front glass of algae in several weeks,and the Glossostigma is running all over the place along with Pennywort verticillata.Im very pleased with this hobby despite the heavy fish loss.

15gal planted,flourite+volcanite,65 watt pc,whisper 2 filter,5lb CO2 tank and diffuser,flourish .
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