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Can anybody compare the sound level of the sunsun 302b/402bto an Aquaclear HOB filter? I just set up a 20L and I have an Aquaclear 30 hanging on one side and a Rena Smartfilter that I got for really cheap hanging on the other side. The aquaclear is pretty much silent. The Rena Smartfilter on the other hand makes this annoying hum. The problem is the tank sits on my office desk and I work from home so I'm sitting less than 3 feet away from it 8+ hours a day and this hum is driving me nuts.
So I was going to get another aquaclear but then I was thinking if I got a canister filter then I can run a CO2 reactor and get better CO2 saturation without the soda water effect.
The only requirement is that the filter has to be quiet since I'm sitting right next to all day long.
I just read through all 48 pages of this thread and while most people say the SunSun is practically silent there are a few people saying that it is somewhat noisy.
Appreciate it if anyone that has both an aquaclear and SunSun can make a comparison on the sound that(or lack of) the SunSun makes compared to the aquaclear.
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