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Originally Posted by lamiskool View Post
hmmm all my eheims I have are silent...also ive broken my impeller shaft many times while cleaning so I know your pain haha
figured it out!! it's silent now!! man that was a POA but I got to the bottom of it!!

Originally Posted by The Trigger View Post
Great tank. Love the simplistic layout
thanks so much. I'm digging it too!!

Originally Posted by harilp View Post
Awesome carpet..!! :thumbup:

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Originally Posted by dj2005 View Post
Awesome to see that your Mini M is still going strong! It's fun to see the various scapes over the years.
thanks a lot dj2005. I was searching through some earlier photos of this tank and ones of this setup and I have learned a great great deal throughout its maturation. I'm liking this scape the most and plan to have it for some time...knock on wood

as for the eheim impeller issues... I have resolved them!! holy mackerel was that a process. I learned a lot about the eheim classic and the solution was extremely simple. when I got the replacement impeller the magnet and the plastic prop were detached. when I first put them together i think i used too much force joining the two so that when the prop spun, the bottom of the plastic prop was touching the housing. so I emptied all of the water out of the filter first....then took the impeller out. made sure that the bushings were seated flush and correctly and checked that there wasn't any random debris in the chamber. side note- I had watched a great little vid online of a kid putting petroleum jelly on the impeller to reduce friction. thought that was very clever, but I didn't go that route. Instead, I just took my time and put the pieces back together gently after I detached the magnet from the plastic prop. I made sure that I didn't use too much force this time when I reattached the magnet to the plastic prop. this gave/added a little bit of a paper-thin amount of clearance between the plastic prop and the housing when it is seated on the ceramic rod in the motor. then I carefully hooked everything back up. primed the filter by opening the intake chamber valve first, then the outtake chamber valve which allowed the water to rush in and push any of the air out; crossed my fingers; plugged the power cord into the wall outlet and...VOILA!!

At long last!!! absolutely zero noise. no air bubbles. no random vibrations....didn't have to tip the filter or anything. just running seamlessly. so smooth. what I learned: I was the problem (as I often am). There was absolutely nothing wrong with the filter. who knew that I'd learn a valuable lesson after all. patience patience patience!! now if only I can ride that wave into tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

best to all,

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