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I appreciate all your helpful time and thought in this weird problem.The 6 neons and 2 glolites are still doing fine.Ive further added Cardinal tetras.What Rex is saying about in nature the natural ph swing is true,thats why I still dont believe its the ph swing.But I will try Lanstars test shutting off the CO2 .First though I have to buy a few more Harlequins(yikes).Sounds like I should just leave the darn gas on 24 hours if Rex is only seeing a .4 ph swing.Somehow I still feel a bit betrayed reading Amanos book clearly stating to shutoff the gas for the nite.And he wasnt the only source I read that said that!

15gal planted,flourite+volcanite,65 watt pc,whisper 2 filter,5lb CO2 tank and diffuser,flourish .
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