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Well, I was warned not to aquascape with Najas/Guppy Grass. I have learned my lesson. Also, disappointingly, quite a lot of my Najas melted away. I attribute this to 1. being manhandled at the petstore, as each stem is incredibly fragile, and 2. the insane heat in this apartment. The water temperature in this tank goes up to 86 degrees every day since they turned the heat on, and one morning the tank was 92 degrees. That anything survives in this tank is a miracle. Heck, that *I* can survive in this sweltering apartment is a miracle. And no, I can't leave my windows open, as I'm on the ground floor and I would be robbed. And no, the tank doesn't have a heater as I definitely don't need one.

Fortunately, I'm moving to a new place soon where I'll have my own thermostat for the heat and hopefully the tank will be able to hover around a normal 75+-.

Anyways, here's the half-melted Guppy Grass mess, which completedly spread out all over my tank... On the plus side, the grass put out a ton of roots, and between all the stems, I probably have 50 new leaves in the last week (seriously)... So I have hope that now that it's done melting and has roots, the growth will be good. This stuff is supposed to be indestructible.
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