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Originally Posted by moogoo View Post
I'd make the whole look even more unbalanced though. Right now it just seems like you threw a bunch of rocks on either side til you ran out. Which unfortunately makes it look very planned. You want it to look natural. Rocks will stick out at different angles and be buried deep. Some will be leaning on others, etc. try to make it look like random placement. I think it would add a lot to the whole look once it's said and done because they say the hardscape is the heart of the aquascape (actually i don't know if they say that, but i believe that)
I agree, I have t work on this a bit. I have time, so I'll get to it soon, probably tomorrow or thursday. thanks for the advice Moo!

Oh, and by the way, I'd try my best to give the Manzanita scape a clean ADA look. I'd avoid the jungle look as much as I could.
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