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CmLaracy's 75P ADA

Well as many of you may know from my previous thread, I've been planning and spending for quite some time now. It originally started as a planned low tech 29 gallon AGA, and SOMEHOW manifested into a high tech ADA 75P . The going as been slow, I know that for sure, but it all seems worth it now as everything comes en masse. This hobby never ends up being what you originally planned, and an especially shocking surprise to your wallet.

Ok, so first of all I want to thank EVERYONE on the forums, as without your guidance I'd have never made it this far. Be it arguments, posts, topics, or even things just watched from the sidelines, new information was in surplus each and everyday I logged on. You guys have helped me so much, directly and indirectly, knowingly and unknowingly, and I thank you for that. Cheers to some great scapes.

Well now, let us begin...

The specs are as follows

ADA 75P - 75cmx45cmx45cm
166w of PC and T5
Filtar xP3 (pimp numba 117)
Pressurized CO2 w/ the works...
3L ASA II Powder
2L PS Special S
500mL Brighty K (dosings below)
500mL Brighty Step 1
Lily Pipes
Custom built ADA style stand (pm for pricings and sizings, NJ and surrounding states only)
90cmx45cm Garden Mat
Lots of Manzanita (pm for leftovers)
35lbs Zebra stone (pm for leftovers)

Flora: Cyperus Helferi
Hemianthus Callitrichoides (lots)
Eleocharis Vivipara
Echinodorus Tenellus
Narrow Leaf Java Fern
Possibly Taiwan Moss

Fauna: 3x SAE's/ Otto's, cant decide
20+ Amano Shrimp

As for the stand, it is nearly finished, awaiting it's second, third, and fourth coats of Flat Black Paint.

Heres a shot of the tank, followed by the ADA merch

As you may have noticed, for the hardscape I have a myriad of options. As for tonight I will only have time to show you two of the hopefuls, and until the third is finished, tell me which you prefer.

Powersand -

Rockscape -

Manzanita Scape -

Combo Scape -

Hardscape with powder ASA-

Hardscape with HC planted-

From above-

Right side-

E. Tenellus from above-

Low Water-

Directly After Setup

One day later-

Two days later-

Edit: Dosings:
Dosing Per Day
1mL = 1 Pump

8mL Potassium
6mL Trace Elements

6mL Potassium
4mL Trace Elements

4mL Potassium
2mL Trace Elements

2mL Potassium
1mL Trace Elements


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