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I actually just got a great deal from a fellow PT'er on some eco-complete for a larger tank I plan to set up, and decided to switch this tank over from inert gravel to the EC. I found guppy grass at a LFS, a plant I'd never seen before but is reportedly tough as nails. I also took out most of my java moss cause I felt that it was just an unruly algae magnet. I took a handsaw to my driftwood and hacked it in half, cause it was too large for my tank (and hidden by vals in previous photos). Anywho, here's my update. Redid the tank two days ago, and I already have a new Val runner. I am losing a couple val leaves right now, though. I suspect they dried out a little while I was rescaping, or maybe they're just suffering some kind of trauma.

First pic is my tank as of two days ago, second is my new Najas. Sweeet.

Mikeb210, I gotta say, Im not a big fan of the 5 gallon hex. I would never recommend it to a plant grower. Its difficult to aquascape. The light fixture is not good at all. Its difficult to photograph. The main benefit is that its a big space-saver.
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