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Originally Posted by Trail_Mix View Post
May I ask what brings you to Arizona?
Originally Posted by Legot View Post
Don't do it!
Well I'm originally from Northern California so it's not like I've got strong ties to SC. South Carolina was the location that my former employer had a job opening for me after Hurricane Katrina demolished our New Orleans location. My sister and bro-n-law plus my parents are all in Tucson now and have been for about a decade(closer to two for my sister & bro-n-law). I'm just wanting to be closer to my family. The rents are getting on up in age and my dad's not in the best of health, although you couldn't tell by looking at him or the fact he walks 15-20 miles a day. hahaha...
I'm at the point in my college career(#2-first one didn't last long 10 years ago) where I'm ready to transfer to a four year school. U of A has a pretty good Plant Sciences program. So I figure I might as well kill two birds with one stone. My options here in SC are limited to Horticulture at Clemson, which is also a good program though not as comprehensive as PS. Clemson also puts me in a more isolated region of the state which makes going to visit family or vice-versa a little more difficult( more expensive to travel...) From talking to the school and explaining that I'm moving to be closer to family rather then moving specifically for the school, it looks like I'm going to be able to get in-state tuition! Good thing too, out of state is like $27,600 per year! Plus my sister has a pretty good size house(I've been offered to live with them) on the edge of town where I'll be able to build my aquaponics system, a little indoor greenhouse for my humidity loving tropical plants, and tank racks for my fish and plant(emersed, tillandsias, etc.) tanks and lots of room for my three dogs!

So while AZ might not be my ideal location to live, especially considering my love for the water: sailing, swimming, fishing, water sports, kayaking, booze cruising & my love of tropical plants... It'll do for a few years.

Whew, that was probably way more then you wanted to know... lol.
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