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from a differant store along with 2 glo light tetras and 6 small neon tetras. Its been 2 days and nites and both harlequins are dead, one the first day and the second the second day. Yet the glolights and the neons are all fine!!!The one thing I notice is they seem to get a white bump on the lower lip and /or the bleached white area on the back by the dorsal fin.They get listless and start losing balance.Now they couldnt be any more sensitive than the small neons .Im really baffled.My Ph is a steady 6.7 during the day with CO2 and then when I check in the morning before the gas comes on it rises to 7.4 .Thats a .7 ph swing but it does take many hours to do this.If you buy from a Lfs, their tank could be 7.4 and you acclimate them to your tank say its 6.8 in probably an hour ,so whats the diff??

15gal planted,flourite+volcanite,65 watt pc,whisper 2 filter,5lb CO2 tank and diffuser,flourish .
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