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Update my 'turn to ugly' tank ... now it is no stem tank (i give up stems because lightning only 2 x 70W MH).

the plant now:
-microsorum pteropus
-microsorum pteropus narrow
-microsorum pteropus philipine
-microsorum pteropus windelov
-anubias barteri
-anubias nana
-anubias gracilis
-anubias coffefolia
-aponogeton ulvaceus
-aponogeton crispus
-aponogeton capuroni
-crinum calamistratum
-echinodorus rubin
-echinodorus rubin narrow
-echinodorus oriental
-echinodorus red special
-echinodorus red flame
-echinodorus tenelus
-echinodorus tropica (black amazon)
-sagitaria subulata
-crypto. wendtii brown
-crypto. tropica
-crypto mioya
-crypto wilisi
-crypto retrospiralis
-crypto albida
-crypto pontederifolia
-crypto parva
-valisneria rubra
-valisneria gigantea
-valisneria spiralis
-christmas moss
-flame moss

please advice for my tank

and my super duper vortex

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