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Originally Posted by pianofish View Post
Look at you and Sean, with your new 40 B's I'll be joining the club soon! Getting my breeder this weekend! And plan on doing a scape similar to both of yours, but with more crypts and buces.

I really love what you are doing with the smaller stems in the middle. I like the intricate look to it and leading to bigger leaved plants on the edges. Looks really nice.

How do you like your LED setup? I plan on building my own so I can have more customization. But overall, what is your opinion on LED versus t5's with your setup here. Do you find that your LED's bring out the plants colors well?

Woohoo! petco dollar per gallon sell?

nice! i was thinking about doing those 2 species in my 33L! keep me posted!
maybe i'll add in some 'rosanervig' in there

Its hard to say if I like it or not? I've actually struggled with some of my favorite plant species such as Blood Vomit and other red plants...

I've heard of stories on how LED's cant bring out the red color in plants.. If my Ludwigia sp. Red starts turning Green, then theres something to it? :p

But, I was honored to see Mr. Tom Barr's aquariums and with his t5 setups... I was blown away by the colors it brought out of the plants..

Only time will tell how my light setup does..

Originally Posted by Whjdm069 View Post
Great looking scape. Did you do all the lights to hit all spectrums? Im thinking of changing my 55 over and thought about using to different lights myself. the planted plus and the ray 2 ds. I will definitely be watching this thread.
Thanks! In a way, yes. I know the MonsterRay isn't much beneficial to plants, but it does have a tiny bit of the green in it. It certainly does help balance the 7000k and make it a little nicer to the eyes.

I also scaped a tank at work , 75g, and that is the combo we are running atm. Seems like a good balance so far.
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